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John Hopkins USA

Author: John Hopkins USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2016-08-23

20160918 180230 resized
Here are some pics of the rear quarter being removed.

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Author: Tom M USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2016-06-28

I purchased my 86 MR 2 in 1989. I was working as a Toyota Technician for my local dealer and this one came in from auction one day it had 49k miles on it at the time, I was smitten by the MR 2 bug already since my older sister purchased a 85 model a few years before. After putting on another 180k miles thru 27 years it has become a old friend. My 2nd MR 2 was purchased as a blown up transmission basket case on e-bay I noticed it was a very early production model and felt the urge to preserve it. After nursing it back to roadworthy condition it still serves as my daily driver. I have a soft ...

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Author: LeAnn L USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-07-11

I have had two of these cars same year 1986 . Both red but this one has no tinted Windows nor does it have the history of the other one. Which was in a fender Bender and was the saddest day of my life. I found the one I have now And salvaged parts from the other.. So I'm in the process of restoring things that need repaired. Water pump had leak , speedometer cable broke and spark plug wires . The wires were the same ones from 86 . Still have some issues to fix then paint and interior to be all leather. Plus stereo system and new wheels and tinted windows. Then maybe a few engine detail ...

Ian Nicoll GBR

Author: Ian Nicoll GBR
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-08-28

IMG 0035
Next week I am intending to change my leads and plugs and also have to change the 2 rear support braces as they have rusted right through, I am looking to put side skirts on to enhance it's appearance. I may possibly be buying a cheap MR2 that has beautiful red and black leather seats and steering wheel that would look great in my red MR2

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