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MR2 Passenger headlight will not pop up!?

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Gregv2701 Greg V
Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK   GBR
Hi all.

New to the world of MR2!

Now own a 1995 2.0GT MR2, and usual problem... Headlight won't pop up!

To further complicate matters... The manual knob on the back of the light doesn't seem to work. It seems to turn fully clockwise like its tightening, but does not move the headlight at all.

Any ideas of what the problem is/best fix for it?

Many thanks,


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N7697Y Rob Brandt
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
I realize I'm responding to a fairly old post, however this may still be of benefit to others ...

I own a 1995 MR2 non- turbo, and experienced this same problem with the the left headlight.

Many search for an electrical problem, but perhaps it's a mechanical problem. I discovered that the headlight would begin to go up, but it would only travel up about 1/4" before stopping. This small movement is imperceptible from the the driver's seat, only seeing it when someone else manipulated the light switch, but it proved the the motor and the electronics were operating properly.

In my case, somehow the metal shroud around the left headlight had deformed just enough such that the top of the shroud began clipping the plastic bumper with enough interference to physically prevent the light from traveling up. How the shroud deformed is a mystery to me, but it took me a while of continual attempts to raise and lower the light to determine the source of interference.

After manipulating the adjustment knob behind the light, the light finally popped up, but with a loud thump. After that, I was able to locate the interference by isolating the origin of the thumping sound - the light moves quickly and difficult to isolate.

Subsequent subtle bending of the shroud away from the bumper eliminated the interference, and now the light operates normally again.

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