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Electrical wiring

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Stroker81 Craig Ream
Arlington, WA, USA   USA
My 1985 Mr2 motor caught on fire. I put it out quickly but now need to replace distributed wiring and wiring around the serpentine belt. I found parts from 87 and 88 to replace. Does anyone know if those parts will fit my 85. Thank you for any info anyone can provide.

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frankaw11 daniel couch
upland, CA, USA   USA
Ouch! That hurts! Burnt wires are never good.
Can't say for sure but in my junkyard experience all of the connectors for the distributor, coil/ignitor, oil pressure sender, o2 sensor (which I think is the area you are refering to) are the same across USDM n/a aw11run.
I have no experience with supercharged models.
Hopefully the main wiring harness ( running across the top of the upper timing cover) is still intact and good. If not, best of luck splicing wires. Can't say if all the colors are the same yearto year.
Google BGB mr2 for factory wiring diagrams.
Best of luck!

Millbrook MG Avatar
Millbrook MG Ken Ostrye
Millbrook, AL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3100 "Ole Yellow"
1967 Volkswagen Beetle
1974 Studebaker Avanti "Rosee"
1977 MG MGB V8 Conversion "Scarlet"    & more
Craig -

your 1985 MR2 is a MkIa ... that is 1985-1986 ... those wire harnesses are the same - however, they are automatic/5 speed sensitive ...

the 1987-1989 MR2 is a MkIb and different ... I do not know all the differences, but one for sure is the TPS on the throttle body ...

I may have a harness that would help you, BUT, I am real proud of it ...

Hopefully you can find one locally - and if the harness comes out of an automatic, you will have extra plug connectors that can be ignored ... otherwise it will work ...

I hope this helps you out ...

KenO from the other end of the country

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